Friday, July 28, 2006

Kudos to Memory Ten!

Binky the Q1 is still under the weather so it's getting a flush and fill this weekend. Since I'm doing that, I decided to put him under the knife and upgrade the RAM to 1 gig. I really like the Q1, but it could use a little speed, especially since 128 mb of ram is shared for video.

So, I went to the folks at Memory Ten who I've bought memory from about 4 or 5 times over the years. Every time they have what I need, no matter how obscure, it's always been cheaper than I expected and the service is great. They send emails with shipping info very fast. They send emails on the day the stuff is expected to arrive. In short, they've always been very professional.

Oh, and cheap. For the Q1, I expected to pay between $108 and $185 based on Kevin Tofel's Post. I paid $100. Even with next day shipping it was under $120. And, they list the Q1 as one of the supported models for this ram so there was no question that I had the right item.

So kudos to Memory Ten .


Bill said...

Hey Mark,
I know you'll have pictures and a full description of the process. I have the UMPC and will be interested to hear how the RAM upgrade works. Have they fixed that problem with the AVS software not working after the upgrade?

Mark said...

Pictures!?! While Kevin's Q1, Sammy, is obviously an exibitionist, I'm not sure Binky ready to be exposed like that!

Seriously, I'll have a few pictures of the RAM upgrade but no one wants to see another Windows install.

There are a number of sites that claim to fix the AVS problem. Most of the advice is similar to "boot into AVS, answer yes to delete the restore partion, reboot AVS" but may also include, install an external keyboard, sacrifice a goat at midnight, sell your soul...well you get the idea. I'll try to test it an report back.