Monday, July 31, 2006

More Ram Fixed My Biggest Q1 Iissue

One of my biggest concerns with the Ql has been how agonizingly slowly the unit switches from an external monitor to the internal screen. It makes it tough to just grab the unit and run to a meeting. Today, however, with a gig of Ram, it switched really fast. I never expected that more Ram would help with that but it did. Between a clean HD and more Ram the Q is screaming.


Bill said...

So, did the reinstall fix AVS too?

Mark said...


I hate to admit this, but I've been working on Month End at work and haven't even tried it. I didn't disturb the AVS partition when I reinstalled everything but I have no idea if AVS works. That's one of my complaints about AVS. I have to shut down my PC to switch and I'm often too impatient to do that. Most of the time I just go to standby mode.

I should be able to look at it this weekend.