Monday, July 31, 2006

Josh Einstein, Quit Reading My Mind!

The Q1 is mostly back, other than the thousand little settings that have to be tweaked. One of those was reinserting the TEO 3.0 registry key. I did that this morning and got an invalid key error. I was busy, I know John Enstein, the Tablet Enhancements for Outlook author, is very responsive and I figured I'd email him later, when I got a chance. No problem.

A couple hours later, NEVER HAVING SENT IN A SUPPORT REQUEST, Josh emails me with the solution. Yeah, he emailed a bunch of people, but I hadn't asked the question yet. Now TEO works fine. I've seen some really responsive support, but fixing things before I report the problem is setting a really high standard. Josh, you better slow down. You're raising the bar pretty high for future support calls. I can see it now, Josh Einstein, PC Psychic. Coming to the Sci Fi channel next season!

Hey Josh, since you're reading my mind, what do I want for dinner?

1 comment:

Josh Einstein said...

Buffalo Wild Wings