Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mobile = Prepared?

When it comes to technology, I'm pretty mobile. I like being mobile. I don't have to be for work, I just like the flexibility. I think it's a control thing. What's interesting, is that with Tropical Storm Ernesto coming, I'm more prepared, simply because I'm mobile.

I have a Slingbox and Orb to follow the weather at work before the storm. If we lose power for a short period, I have the Verizon card and long life power bank battery for the Q1 to get updates. We know from our hurricanes in 2004, that internet and text messaging still worked, even when voice cell lines were full.  I can even use it to make calls with Skype (yes, it violates Verizon's terms of service, but it would be a PR nightmare to go after someone if they did it in an emergency).

Also, because I'm mobile, I can charge our cell phones and the Q1 from the car. Both cars are full of gas and we only need one car to run to safety with so the other car becomes a little generator (with the garage door up of course).

It's funny how the things you do for convenience suddenly make you look  wonderfully foresighted.

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