Friday, September 01, 2006

Samsung Sling

I've been looking for a car mount for my Samsung Q1 but I haven't been able to find much. Everything seems geared toward a laptop not a tablet style PC. My Lincoln LS doesn't have a lot of places to stick a Q1 but the battery is in the trunk so  at least it's  easy to get power up into car and to the unit.

Consequently, I decided to try to make my own. My wife won't let me use duct tape on the cars, she mumbles something about Beverly Hillbillies or something like that. I did come up with solution I like and I've named it the Samsung Sling.

The unit consists of 2, count them 2, small bungee cords. Actually, it's one cord to hold the unit and one to pull the first cord so you don't catch your fingers.  Don't worry, pictures are below.

Simply attach  bungee cord  A to the defrost vents near the windshield. Hook bungee B to bungee A. Slide the bungee rig through the back of  kickstand on the Q1.  Pull bungee B until bungee A is able to hook to the air vent at the front of the dashboard. Go easy on the kickstand, it takes a little practice. Adjust as necessary.

The kickstand and rubber stoppers do a good job of holding the Q1 in place. The tension of the bungee on the kickstand keeps it from moving front to back as does the hook in the air vent as th Q1 rests against it.  The Q1 may swivel from side to side in tight cornering, but angling the device so that the right rubber foot rests against the bungee will stop this.

I've been using this for about a month before posting about it and it really works well. It does take a couple seconds to connect but my commute is at least 45 min. each way. It's worth it.

Total cost? $10? but only because I had to buy like 12 bungees in a pack to get the little ones.  Warning. Be careful with anything under tension. I do have a friend who lost an eye while tightening bungee cords on a boat cover.

Defrost vents at the front of the windshield

2 bungees

Thread through the lower hole in the back of the big kick stand. That's the battery pointing at you.

Here is the unit when I'm driving the first bungee is hooked to the vent and right rubber foot is against the bungee resulting in a unit angled toward the driver.


Installed unit from the back. Notice the tension holding the unit in place.

Just remember, I'm not responsible if you break your Q1 or put out an eye. Just because this works for me, it doesn't mean that you're talented enough to make it work. The patent is pending. Use of one or more devices under tension to restrain an electronic device while traveling at speed. If one click to purchase gets a patent, I should too!

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