Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tablets, UMPCs and Microsoft Business Solutions

I went to a round table event yesterday with Craig Bruya, the CFO of Microsoft's Business Solutions division. Craig is a long time Microsoftie and it was 5 of us and him. I didn't mention that I would be blogging this so I'm not going to give away any secrets, not that there were any.

I brought Binky the Q1 along of course and Craig had never seen a UMPC up close. He fits in the "but it doesn't have a keyboard" camp. He was however using a Toshiba Techra M7 convertible tablet and he's a huge OneNote fan. Craig did some OneNote evangelizing which was pretty cool. It's nice to see that MS is buying tablets for senior execs even if they haven't touched a UMPC yet. I did get a lot of looks when the subject of the extended battery came up. Getting 7 extra hours from my Samsung battery bank raised a lot of eyebrows!

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Michael Gannotti said...

I was just cruising Technorati and ran across your site. Love it!