Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Q1 Uses

I keep finding uses for my Notepad computer.

I'm still not having great success using an external monitor and being able to ink on the Q1. The setup is just too complicated for everyday life. BUT the dual monitor setup worked great last night while I was working late at the office. I slid the Slingplayer window over to the Q1 and had election results coming in on the Q1 while I worked on the big monitor. Nice!

Speaking of elections, a number of people asked me how to vote so I downloaded the ballot for my county, marked it up in ink with PDF Annotator and emailed or printed copies for people who asked. (Grandma doesn't have email. Mom and Dad do.) It also worked well at the polls.

At work I get an electronic agenda for our weekly manager's meeting that I markup with notes and save. In yesterday's meeting I got notification of a new employee, but I haven't seen the paperwork yet.  I emailed the info straight out of the agenda notes to our payroll department for follow up. I added a reminder to Outlook for later and promptly forgot about it. That's what Outlook is for.

Right now I'm using CTRL+ALT+F1 and CTRL+ALT+F3 to switch between the monitor and the Q1 screen when I need to ink something. I've moved the Q1 to my right where I normally keep a notepad. We'll see how this works.

I do find that when I'm going to unplug everything the fastest way is to hit CTRL+ALT+F3, click the resolution button the Q1 to get it back to 800x480 and then unplug everything. This means I can be unplugging my KB, Mouse, Monitor and all the other things connected via USB hub in about 5 seconds. It takes the Q1 a few seconds to unload all those drivers so I let that happen while I'm walking to my meeting. Hmmm... JK on the run did a great day in the life, maybe I should too.

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