Sunday, November 26, 2006

My First One Note Christmas

This is my first Christmas with OneNote and I'm enjoying it already. I have a password protected tab for my Christmas shopping list. I've also used a tab to create lighting diagrams for my outside lights. I have an older house and if you don't wire the lights right, you start tripping circuit breakers. Also, if I don't start the lights in the right place on the roof, they end up hanging off one side and being short on the other. Every year I have to refigure out what I doing. OneNote will make this a lot easier next year. I hate restringing lights.

I'm also planning to take photos of the outside decorations and drop them into OneNote for next year. I didn't take Binky the Q1 up on the roof because Binky's afraid of heights. He doesn't like water either. The Q1 and OneNote do make a nice combination when Christmas shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving. Everything is organized. I can have pictures of what I want to buy. It's really pretty nice. Anyone brave enough to try that with a traditional laptop?

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