Monday, January 22, 2007


The Superbowl is set and I'm in trouble. It's the Bears (my parents are from Chicago) and the Colts (my father in law lives in Indianapolis). I'd really like to see Indy win by my mother reads this blog so go Bears! I think Dungee got hosed in Tampa a few years back. The team that he built went to the Superbowl without him and he didn't even get a lousy t-shirt! I also wouldn't mind seeing Manning win one just so everyone will shut up about it. But the Bears looked good and Indy looked shaky. But, if there is a team that learned how to come back this season it's Indianapolis. They play better when they are down, but this is the Superbowl. If you get too far behind, nobody's going to give you a chance to catch up.

In other football news, my Cowboys were ousted two weeks ago in a heart breaker with Seattle and today we hear that Parcells is retiring. The Seattle game reminded me of the San Fran game years back with Clark's incredible catch that crushed the Cowboys for years to come. The difference is that that was a fading Cowboys team with a last shot against a surging 49ers powerhouse. This Dallas team looks like up an comers who just fell short. Lets hope that Parcells leaving doesn't blow it. I've never been a Parcells fan, but I think one more season would have been good for the Cowboys.

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