Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Transit TV Sneak Peeks

Most of you have figured out by now that I work for Transit TV. The big disclaimer on the blog and the home page should have been your first hint. I limit my blogging about work because it involves accounting and there are limits about what I can and can't talk about. Plus, it's accounting. There's no Disney World of Accounting. If accounting is too exciting you're doing it wrong (see Enron, Woldcom, Tyco, Healthsouth, etc.) Since I'm addicted to food clothing and shelter, I tend to be on the conservative side when blogging about work.

We do now have a blog about the more exciting aspects of Transit TV, our PROGRAMMING. We're going to be providing info on upcoming programming via posts at http://transitmedia.blogspot.com/. So checkout the blog, grab the RSS feed or even better, get on a bus and check out the programming for yourself. If you like what you see, drop Jeff a comment on the blog. If you don't like it, send him a comment anyway, he takes abuse well. You're always welcome to send me a comment, I'm just not as nice as Jeff.

Our goal is always to provide great programming for our riders. Bus and Train commuters in each of our cities are unique and we're always looking for the right mix of programming for your ride. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but unlike the traffic on your commute, we're not standing still.

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