Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Don't Drink and...

Don't drink and drive you say? Of course not. Ride a motorcycle drunk? Wouldn't think of it. But sometimes the law isn't all that clear. Today we learn that in New Jersey, driving a Zamboni while intoxicated, isn't illegal. It's not recommended, but until the New Jersey legislature changes the law, it appears to be legal. There's no such thing as a DZWI (Driving Zamboni While Intoxicated) law yet.

That led me to wonder about other activities:

What about HRWI (Horse Riding While Intoxicated)? It appears to be legal in at least Pennsylvania and Utah.

How about MWI (Mowing While Intoxicated)?  Don't do it Ohio.

DGCWI (Driving Golf Cart While Intoxicated)? You'll get arrested in Wisconsin.

Nevada will let you skateboard under the influence (SBUI) but not in a skate park!

Finally back in New Jersey,  while it IS  legal to bicycle while drunk, they are working to make  it illegal to talk on a cell phone while bike riding.

Hmm. It sound like you can drink, talk on your cell phone and drive in Jersey. As long as you're driving a Zamboni.

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