Saturday, June 16, 2007

Light Summer Reading

Back from vacation I've found that I read much faster than I update the website. I'm up to 5 books in 6 days but only because I ran out of books. Vacation at the beach will do that to you.

The books I just finished were:

Stealing Lincoln's Body
A nice fast read on a forgotten piece of history. Hold a dead president for ransom? Who knew?

Empire of Blue Water
If the last Pirates movie left you wanting, try Empire of Blue Water for a cool look at Henry Morgan.

Wolves of the Sea
I found this classic pirate tale to be a disappointment.

Holy Terror
I love Richard Marcinko's books and this one doesn't disappoint. The body count, the action and the use of the "f" word are all pretty high. Just what you've come to expect from the Rogue Warrior.

Straight up terror. Nice concept, not a lot of plot.

The Last Tycoons
My current read about investment bank Lazard Freres.

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