Thursday, July 12, 2007

Free Stuff From Fred

With a hat tip to Joe Carter, if you add your blog to the Blogs for  Fred blog roll, you can get an I'm with Fred mug and bumper sticker. They'll even cover the shipping!

I'll point you Joe's Post for the details. I've added a Fred button to the sight if you want to help.

I like what I see out of Fred. Right wing, conservative, down to earth. You have to like a politician who goes back to a real job (acting) once they are done politicking. He's also the closest thing I've seen to a small government Republican. Where have they all gone anyway? (Quick name the small government Republican in this list: Rudy, McCain, Condi - Ok trick question. Small government Democrats seem to be extinct.)

For those of you who think you like big government, spend a day at the DMV and then project that to healthcare. ("Now serving #42 out of 681.  I guess we can do that heart surgery for you. Oops, computers are down. Go sit back down until we call you again. I don't care if you had an appointment, you still have to wait!)

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