Thursday, June 22, 2006

Help Me Name My Q1

Apparently, UMPC's are even more personal than laptops. Kevin Tofel has named his Q1 "Sammy". I saw another article where someone named theirs "Fred". I think I'm ready to name mine but I like some suggestions first. I have a few rules and some early contenders.

Da' rules:
  1. I want a male or neutral name. My wife is jealous enough of the time this device gets. The last thing I need is to give it a female name and hear a bunch of "other woman" cracks.
  2. My kids have suggested "Bob" a hundred times. I will not name it Bob. They can't come up with a reason and it doesn't look like a Bob. I don't want this thing to ever bob or float or anything like that.
  3. There should be some infinite shred of reason behind the name. It doesn't have to be much.

Here's my first 3 suggestions:

  1. Desmond - Desmond Llewelyn played Q, the gadget man, in most of the Bond movies. It's fitting, but awkward.
  2. Steve - From Over the Hedge, "Steve" is what they call the hedge because they don't know what it is. Most people don't know what a Q1 is either.
  3. Tony - My grandfather gave me my first computer, a Commodore 64. His name was Tony.

Leave a comment on the blog with your suggestions and I'll pick a winner. Sorry, no prize, just the joy of being right.


Joe said...

Sounds good, I known this is not in the list of to-be names, but i'll suggest "Q-rious" or "Querious" hozzat?

Have fun with it

Mark said...

Querious is Ok, I just can't picture my self turning to the kids and saying "hand me Querious, please". I would expect a lot of blank stares for quite a while. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Mark said...

Outside of the blog I've also had AJ (my grandfathers initials) suggested. MiniMe is out, that's the name of my wife's Ipod Mini. Also out are Gracie, Skippy, Chocolate, Frosty, Holly and Tasha. We don't want any confusion with current or former pets. That could get messy. Nothing like getting handed a freaked out beagle when you're expecting a UMPC!

The Johnson Clan said...

Probably lame, but here goes:
Scotty (for those Trekkie fans). He was always counted on for getting the ship going for the captain. You could get a sound clip of "Captain, I'm giving you all that I've got!" and have it play everytime you power up!

Robert Burdock said...

Congratulations! I'd suggest one of the following:


Hope that helps and enjoy the new toy

Rob Bushway said...

I like the name Dax.

Why? For Deep Space 9 fans, Dax was character that never died, but became different people.

The Miniature Mage said...

I like Noonian, as in Data's (ST:TNG)creator.

Anonymous said...

Stacey! It's a neutral name, as in Stacey Leach, an actor, but also as in "Stacey Q" of "Two of Hearts" fame. She also had an album called "Hard Machine". You can tell the wife it's about Leach.

James Kendrick said...

Mark, in case you've missed it we put the word out on jkOnTheRun and there are probably 20 suggestions there:

Jerad said...

Came here from JKOnTheRun.

How about Moby, as in Mobile. Moby, the musical artist not the whale, has a song called "Lift Me Up." How appropriate!