Monday, June 26, 2006

The Q1 has a Name

Thanks to everyone who left suggestion, including all the folks at JKontherun. Some of my favorites and real contenders were:
  • Scotty - As in Star Trek, boldly going where no tablet PC has gone before
  • Vader - The Q1's black plastic looks a alot like Darth's helmet
  • Ozzie - A triple meaning. Ray Ozzie, new chief software guy as MS, Wizard of Oz and Ozzie Osbourne. Just a little too deep.
  • Qbert - From the classic video game.
  • Chip - As in off the old block and computer chip
  • Kram - Mark backwards

All were good but in the end I bowed to the family vote, withheld my veto and named the unit "Binky". That would be our nickname for the kids pacifiers when they were little. My wife claims it's my pacifier.

This process was a lot harder than I thought it would be. We tried generic names like "thingy". But when your 10 year old says "Can I play with your thingy" while you're waiting for food in a restaurant, you know the device needs a name and it better be a good one.

Thanks to everyone and say hello to Binky. It's a boy? girl? who knows but it weighs 1.7 pounds and I like it.

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