Wednesday, June 21, 2006 Technical Difficulties

The world is full of idiots and occasionally, I'm one of them. Apparently, my domain registrar has a few too. I wasn't paying attention and didn't renew my domain name in time. Yep, all my fault. This should have been a simple fix though. I went to my registrar, paid my money and like magic, the domain was restored, right? Nope. It still shows deactivated. It also shows my payment. hmmm.

I know from experience that Namesecure has next to zero tech support, but I try. I'm now on my third week day (this process started on Saturday). I've gotten a "we got your email" email, a "we're looking at it" email and a "we've escalated to tech support email". But still no domain. Surely this happens all the time. Why is it so much work? I can't imagine a flood of people wanting to cybersquat on The domain was still available when I renewed it, so why all the work? Come on guys, I need my website back.

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Seurat said...


If you do a whois on your domain, is has the status of registrar-lock, which means it should be resolving if DNS is setup. So as far as the registry is concerned, your domain is active.

I have a lot of experience with NameSecure. you might check through your account if you can modify the nameservers, and go elsewhere for the DNS.